Understanding All Dynamics of Technology Play Ground , applies all vitals on Reality


Our company focused on information technology, telecommunication and high technology with our long years’experience and knowledge. We are one of the most preferred firms on giving suppor to the internetional companies ,who are the leaders of their sector, about consultancy, engineering, constution-aplication of technology/strategy .

About Us

Our Founders have deep experiences about consultancy and engineering either in Turkey or in the World.E-Enerji ;

Is a “real” industry player. Experiences the full dynamics of the market and industry understanding implications and necessities first hand.

Is in direct contact with key industry organizations and other companies.

Is a preferred outsourcing organization of No:1 Cellular Equipment Vendors.

Has knowledge about suppliers of abilities and processes at Technological Area

Has Real Operators” experience over Middle East Asia and Africa.

Is a preferred partner to many known international consulting and engineering firms.

Knowing on ecosystem of operators and how to improve it

Substantially minimizes the cost of partners , helping and guiding them to “Win-Win” situations.

Easy access to database of several hundreds of professionals.

Consulting on project managing of 4.5G Base Station Installations from İzmir to Tekirdağ, all Territory of Marmara and North Territory of Ege.


Constantly evolving hundreds of professional support with our updated dynamic team.

Consultancy Services

  • Business Strategy
  • Management Consultancy
  • Technical Architecture and Analysis
  • Due Diligence
  • Functional Strategies
  • Business Processes Operating model Selection
  • PMO
  • Post Merger Integration Services

Supply Chain Management

Our firm is securing the management of supply chain and the strategic and systematic management of all assets within the chain from the first supplier to the final customer and the plans, actions and functions within in the cycle. The current competitive conditions and the time factor within the management of supply chain are increasingly becoming prominent day by day.Our firm that is aware of this reality is aiming at meeting their customers’ demands properly along with making time saved for them as well. In scope of the management of supply chain, we are setting our sights on making our customers to go a step further than what they expect presenting them our creative solutions while also supporting them on management of depots and materials, space design and its management and a system design to “customers on full-time basis”.

Materials Management

Our point of sight for an efficient management of materials is to ensure the availability of the necessary materials designated upon our customers’ need on the basis of right amount, right time, requested quality and on the most economical basis.  Combining your demands with our experience and  knowledge, we are providing that every process of the management of materials such as “planning”-“purchasing”-“storing and delivery”-“control and invoicing” operates perfectly. 

Warehouse Management

Our firm giving one of the biggest GSM operators in Turkey services regarding the management of depots which is one of the vital keys in the supply chain is realizing the tasks of survey, inspection and management/operation on all activities in depots meticulously from the first moment on which the material enters the system to its outflow.Checking the sub-contractors and reporting procedures, we are assuring that our customers are in control of the whole process. 

Area Design and Management

We are designing the most appropriate one for your production concretizing your expectations in the view of our experience and knowledge. We are providing that the most suitable working conditions are determined for  processes with optimization methods during the designing stage. Through our careful, experienced systematic management in the fields we design, we are targeting at ensuring that our customers are always ahead.

Time-to-Consumer Designs

We are aware of the fact how your time is so precious for you. While we therefore are making the costs minimized for the designs made exclusively for you from the beginning to the end upon your request we are always giving priority to our motto “right time, right amount, right place”. After determining the optimum conditions for your system, we assure the control and the supervision of operation using key performance indicators and present creative solutions to make your system to improve increasingly.

Manufacturing Services

Our experienced team who has creative mentality undertakes your projects very accurately and warrants perfect planning of all process from the beginning to the final delivery, its operation, control and finalization upon your demands.  Under the current competitive conditions in which assuring that the basic conditions for production are not enough to be successful, we are helping by offering some creative production solutions and proposals integrated with technology exclusively for you  to make you to harmonize with quality and success along with innovations.We are realizing a top level production by combining our careful attention at the stage of material supply for the project we have undertaken with our experienced solutions for production planning and not making a concession from our quality and disciplined work until the delivery to our customers.We are always leading innovations through our success and experience we have had as a result of our services we have given to domestic and international firms in compliance with the international quality standards as well.

Co-Sourcing Services

Our firm with its wide variety of knowledge in the field of Engineering-Electric-Electronic-Consultancy- Telecommunication is providing the services of supply of human resources, management support, financial reporting, staff management under Labour Law, advance management to the international companies working in the above mentioned fields. Combining all services as a Project, we are ensuring that the process is carried out with high-performance.We are giving maximum importance to the customer satisfaction in our every activity.  We are aiming at reducing your personnel costs, easing your follow up personnel by reporting and making you to reach the project costs whenever you want.Let us do it for you. We know how your time is so precious, Let us make your works easier for you.When you are seek professional support…

Human Resources Consultancy Services

Our firm that is very mindful of selecting the right personnel for our customers gives advertisements or selects the personnel CVs from the present database who will be able to give services in the accordance with organizational knowledge and targets of our customers and presents them for your approval.After the second selection by our customers, a two-stage interview is applied. According to the job requirements, a psycho-analysis test can be applied. If our customers want, they can join the second interview with our Human Resources Department authorities. Strategic Human Resources Planning Upon our customers’ request, the employer starts in the duty region under the supervisor the customer designates. Simultaneously, all commencing procedures and necessary legal commitments are carried out by us. It is not easy to find qualified human resources in the market where competitiveness is huge because of technological developments. Our firm which is aware of this reality is aiming at searching every new technology to find the staff that will contribute the power of competitiveness of our customers and will add value to the image of their firm and finding qualified human resource for our customers. Personnel Follow-up Training The latest developments in the sector where our customers are involved are monitored and the necessary advertisements are given for possible needs for staff in the future and a CV bank is formed by us accordingly.The trainings determined and applied by our customers are being kept in employers’ files and the new trainings that have come into being as result of technological developments are being re-planned with feedback to our customers.

Administrative Support Services

Back Office Services: In the name of customers, realizing all advance payment cycling of the staff working at the sites, their recordings, buying their plane tickets, handling their visa procedures and recording all visa procedures so supporting accountancy cycling are being provided. At the same time, all health problems of employers are being dealt, upon customers demand, private health insurance procedures are being settled, checking employers’ in-outs is being done, all procedures regarding Social Security Institutions are carried out if the employer is going to apply for a state hospital.Laptops are being supplied to employers so that they can work at the site. Electronic-mail accounts are being created, got them to be activated, their records are being kept and necessary technical assistance for all software and hardware difficulties are given. Time schedules and their day offs are being recorded on forms and regulated in compliance with Labour Law. Reporting Services Income-Trand Analysis: Upon customers demand, all procedures mentioned in the section of Back Office are presented to customers as a report. Upon customers demand, furthermore, travel expenses are being analysed on the basis of monthly, 3-month and 6-month so customers are able to follow up project cost items.Time-Schedule/Day off Follow-up Recorded day off and time schedules can be presented upon customers’ request so planning annual leaves can be realized and overtime schedules can be monitored. Personnel Management under (Labour) Law Files of Employee Personal Rights: In the view of Labour law, all procedures from personnel commencement until the notice of severance/resignation are being monitored and carried out as well. A special file is being created for every employer not only covering their case history but also all necessary data including their education, day offs, resident address and their wife/husband/children  names so our customers are able to reach all information when necessary.We are giving all necessary support to solve any kind of problem related with employers since we work as a problem-solver partner with our customers. Employment Contracts: A Contract of Employment is signed with every employer who commences working. Upon customers’ demand, certain-uncertain contracts of employment are being prepared. We negotiate with candidates on our management attitude and our customers’ management attitudes. A written undertaking is guaranteed accordingly. Work Health- Workers’ Safety:We work on Labour Health and Safety with our customers jointly. Our customers that obtain safety equipment inform us accordingly and they are recorded officially in the name of employers in this respect. If requested, they can be purchased by us in the name of our customer.

Engineering Services

  • Telecomunication
  • IT
  • Digital Broadcasting

Operational Services

  • Sourcing and Procurement
  • Implementation Services
  • Niche Engineering Services
  • Supply Chain Creation
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Program Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Program Management
  • Benchmarking
  • Capability Development

Org. Development and Change Mng.

  • Architecture
  • Roles and Responsiblity Development
  • Corporate Citizenship
  • Change Management
  • Business Unit optimization


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What we do, who we work with...

E-Enerji services with more than 100 Employers and Operation Centers at RMEA Area.

E-Enerji services architectural designs for expert on O/BSS of consulting firms

Human Resources

Our view/approach to Human Resources:

We think that human resource should be used properly to be efficient and fruitful as a firm. Human resource is the most substantial and distinguishing source for our firm under the current conditions therefore our firm aims at adding value to people. We believe that employees at every/any level have contribution to our firm. We plan on developing/enlarging jointly. Career: We are using the most appropriate method of personnel selection-placement in compliance with our firm’s sophistication and targets following up technological developments. Accordingly our goal is as follows:Reaching more qualified people, to expand and enrich our portfolio as much as possible. Our targets are as follows: To bring the right person to the right position, to balance the satisfaction between employee and customers so to increase employee’s motivation. Our firm is breaking new ground in its sector maintaining our organizational structure in accordance with the sophistication, aim and target of our company.


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